Want to Know the Missing Ingredient When Setting Goals?


Today’s lesson took me 10 years to finally sink in….

Don’t let that happen to you…

Anyway if you understand this lesson and put it into action you will be unstoppable. ( In fact it may be the most important lesson all year)

Today is a lesson that I learnt a decade ago from Robert Kiyosaki from the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Franchise.

Anyway here is the article.:

The instructor put up on the board these three words.


Goals are the HAVE part of these 3 words..

Goals such as have a nice body or have the perfect relationship or have a millions dollars. Most people figure what they want to have.

Then they begin listing what they have to do, this is why people have to do lists.

They set their goal and then begin ‘doing.’

Here’s an example using the “do: of getting the perfect body. “What most people do when they

want a perfect body is go on a diet, and then go to the gym.

This lasts for a few weeks and then most are back to their old diet of French fries and pizza and

instead of going to the gym they watch baseball on TV.

This is an example of ‘doing’ instead of ‘being.’

“It’s not the diet that counts; it’s who you have to be to follow the diet that counts, Yet, every year millions of people look for the perfect diet to follow in order to become thin.

They focus on what they have to do, rather than who they have to be. A diet will not help if your thoughts do not change.”

She used golf as another example:

“Many people buy a new set of golf clubs in hope that they can improve their game, instead of starting with the attitude, mindset and beliefs of a professional golfer.

A lousy golfer with a new set of golf clubs is still a lousy golfer.”

Next, she used an example of finding the perfect romantic partner:

“So many people go to bars or to work or to their church looking for the perfect person, the person of their dreams. That is what they ‘do’. What they ‘do’ is go and look for instead of work on ‘being the right person.’

When aiming for the perfect body It’s not so much about “doing” but more about “being.” that makes the difference; it is more how they “think.” Who they are at their core “being.”

The good news is that it does not cost much money to change your thinking.in fact, it can be done for free.

The bad news is that sometimes it’s hard to change some deep core thoughts about health and fitness that are handed down from generation to generation, or thoughts that you learned from friends, from work and from school.

*Jade here again.

There you go… If you learn the lesson from this article then you cannot help but be successful.

This is why the philosophy of Bendigo Fitness is based around not just the “how to” but also strengthening your thoughts ( Being) so you take the action (doing) so you will have the body you want ( having )

Remember will all the fad diets around this time of year…

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