Sick of Eating Rabbit Food

Are you sick of eating rabbit food and not getting any results?

When I started learning how to actually eat to improve my metabolism and increase my thyroid my health skyrocketed.

Here’s some tips.

Make sure you are exercising correctly.. What does that mean?

It means stop doing hours and hours of cardio and start lifting some weights… Excess cardio really stresses your system and for optimal health we want to exercise to promote our metabolism

Make sure you’re eating the right protein… So this means we do not promote eating protein powders…

We eat real protein and proteins that are non inflammatory.

Most people are eating protein which is not helping support their liver and thyroid which are so important to your health… You just need to swap a few proteins and you will feel the difference..

A huge mistake is people go off carbs… This is one of my  biggest mistakes I made in the past…

My health dramatically went down and once i was in enough pain I started to climb out of the hole and learnt how to eat the right carbs and the right sugars to increase my health…

This has to be done correctly especially if you have been eating low calories/no sugar and low carb diets…

Once you discover the huge health benefits of this you will never go back… You will feel not only great, your skin, your sex life, your mood and body will improve

You want to work with your body not against it… you want to decrease unnecessary stress and promote hormone balance

We also need to make sure we are resting… recharging… getting quality sleep, turning off mobile devices to block out the blue light which stimulates you when you should be resting.. .

You can actually buy sunglasses to help you with it and some phones have a button you can press to switch it off.

You need to stop starving yourself….

Your goal should be too eat more.. Not eat less…  You want to support and promote your metabolism and not starve your body. Starving your body creates huge stress symptoms that lead you down the rabbit hole…

Remove anti thyroids foods… There are a few foods that  you need to limit too make sure you are working with your metabolism and not against it

Also do stuff you love.. .Have some fun… start a hobby… something which brings joy to your life…

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