No B.S. PT Experience: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, PT Experience for People Wanting to Double Their Results in Half the Time

After a bit of a hiatus from PT.

I’m launching my brand new program, for PEOPLE WHO ARE COMMITTED

I even have a name.


I’m pretty pumped about it.

I’ll not only be teaching you how to double your results in half the time, I’ll also show you how to eat more food and create the kick ass body you deserve  (Life should be FUN)


I’ll also be teaching the advanced mindset hacks that I’ve discovered through my studies and practiced for the past 2 years.

There’ll be a big emphasis on what exactly you need to do to get results in all areas of your life.

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, get stronger, rehab injuries or just get a more personalised and accountable training experience…. then this is for you.

But here’s the kicker? HIGH LEVEL accountability. Which means for most people- this isn’t a fit.

There’ll be no BS or sugar coating… And most people aren’t ready for something like this.

The formula?

” Accountability + Customised Action Plans + Association With Other People + Personalised Information= REAL Life Transformation “



If you’re ready to take your results to the next level this is what is going to happen.

We are going to sit down and get to the bottom of where you‘re at and why because at the end of the day you keep ending up there..

Then we are going to figure out what you want…

Together we will figure out a personal plan on where you’re at now and where you want to go,

What you need to eat and what you need to do.

After our chat we will decide if the program is a great fit or not.

If you facing these same old patterns

  • Self doubt and fear
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling angry at yourself
  • Disappointment
  • Overwhelm
  • Starting.. then stopping…
  • Not being able to get past where you are now
  • Feeling stuck and alone
  • Feeling lost and lacking in clarity

Then this is for you

Everyone in the 14 DAY PT EXPERIENCE program gets access to:

  •           6 x Accelerate PT sessions
  •           Access to our Saturday STRONGFIT Session 
  •           Customised Training Program & Action Plans
  •           Customised Nutrition Plan
  •           Body Composition Testing( Body fat & Measurements)
  •           Personalised Information for a Quicker Transformation
  •           Association with other people on the same Journey
  •           Mindset Techniques to Keep you on Track
  •           Accountability
  •           And much much more.


Best of all you can test drive the Accelerate PT Program for 14 days to make sure it is the right fit for you. No lock in contracts because if it is not the right fit, you will not get results.

The Accelerate PT Experience Test drive is only 75 for 14 days.