They Don’t Want You To Win!


These stupid fad diets are setting you up for failure… they are so extreme you can never stick to them and in fact they drain the life out of you….

As I have mentioned before you have to ask yourself every time you follow a nutrition plan is what is the long term hormonal effect of this diet.

The key is to not eat less but too teach your body too eat more without putting on weight…

Yes of course eating less will help you lose weight but what is that weight?

Look at what they get you to consume… pills and powders etc it’s not food..

Do you want to eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life.?

Drink meal replacement drinks instead of real food?

Or do you want to eat foods that promote your metabolism.

Once You start to eat right for you.. You no longer experience fatigue, hunger, binging etc.

Once you discover the correct way to eat you will never go back… it is basically teaching yourself to eat like your great grandparent did….

Real food… which includes fruit, dairy, quality proteins, cheese etc. yoghurt, homemade ice cream

I have seen it time and time again that people’s health problems can come from not eating enough food because they have starved themselves for too long and create such a stress response it manifests into the quality of their skin and intolerance’s plus numerous other conditions

I have one girl at the gym who has had skin problems for years which really affected her confidence and self esteem…

After talking about our strong system for eating.. She decided she would try and and in a couple of days her skin went from bad to beautiful…..

She even told me the other day her skin has not been this good for 2-3 years… and no we didn’t go on any no carb or no sugar diet… in fact we did the opposite to what most people do.

Health start from the inside out…. Most of the time the problem is not with the food… but with you

3 Things that you need to work on building…

In other words, work on your emotional well being to reduce negativity and have clear goals and focus.

Eat to build a healthy and strong body without starving yourself and putting your body into a stressed start.( This includes sleep and rest)

Lastly, build a life that you enjoy.

Do things that you love and brings you happiness. Spend time with your loved ones and kids… 🙂

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