Detox Douchebags- Will cause some BUTTHURT


This time of the year it’s all about detoxes

  • Take this pill
  • Don’t eat this
  • Drink this many shakes
  • Fast
  • Juice Diets
  • Colon cleanse everyday.. Which means stick a tube up your butt!!!

I’m on your side and here to tell you this one thing.

You don’t need to do any of that crap .

People promoting skinny teas didn’t get their body from the tea, they didn’t get their body from ridding their body of so called toxins….

They got it from eating great food and exercising. <<<<<<

Your body actually has a great detox systems already.

Your Liver, lungs,kidneys, skin etc…

You don’t need these stupid shakes…

You don’t need to stave!!!

You lose weight on these stupid diets not because it is getting rid of toxins, you lose weight because you’re now not eating crap and in fact hardly eating any calories….

Funny how they  never tell you what toxins they’re getting rid of?

Cause they can’t!!!

You know deep down the reason you’re overweight.

You know deep down that what they’re telling you is all B.S!!!

They know they can take advantage of you and sell you their overpriced product.

I’m here to help you and let you know you don’t need to be lied to anymore.

In fact I have seen some protein powders they sell have less protein per serve than a cup of milk which you can buy 2 litres for $2!!!

Or you can buy their product and waste $75 for the same thing!

The choice is yours…..

These people are con artists and you need to stay away from them.

You all know people who were on them and are now back at the same weight before the fad diets.

You have been going on fad diets for years and still not making any progress. It’s time too wake up and realise they haven’t got your best interests at heart.

I always say that the only thing you lose form these stupid pyramid selling diet is friends….

Check out Jordan spitting some fire below 🙂

So to wrap up, you can keep wasting your time on detox diets that don’t work or you can start getting results this week.

That’s up to you my friend.

In your corner


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