Do You Want to Say Goodbye to Your Embarrassing Stomach & Man Boobs So You Can Finally Feel Confident With Your Shirt Off ?

We are looking for 5 guys who are ready to transform their body in just 4 weeks and if you get to your target I will pay for your transformation


First of all I want you to know you’re not alone

Most guys that come in and chat to me about looking and feeling better are just like you at this very moment..


So my first question is are you FED UP?

  • Fed Up with having man boobs and a big stomach
  • Fed Up with not having enough energy to play with your kids.
  • Fed UP with thinking your best years are behind you?
  • Fed Up with not having enough energy and confidence to have a great sex life.

I Understand, Life’s Tough…

I know life’s unfair…. You work long hours to support your family to give them everything they need….

You’ve spent years putting everyone else first and forgot about your own dreams and goals.

I so get’s how I used to feel.

You feel as if life is just passing you by…

It’s like you’ve just woken up and 10 years have past by in an instant, like it was all dream and now you’re wondering what happened to the old me.

You had all these dreams of how life should be at this time of your life.


 The Great News is That it’s Not too Late if You START NOW to Get Your Life Back in Control.

I know you may be wondering if you need to be at a certain weight or fitness level or in fact have any experience..

The easy answer is NO!

Everything is worked out on an individual basis to suit your needs and goals.

We have guys who’ve never been to a gym before getting crazy results and their lives have changed and yours can too.

They are now leaner and stronger than ever before… ( and getting more s”x)


 You Can Take a Shortcut to Results if You’re Honest With Yourself

I’m here to wake you up and let you know you can do it, You can change your life and it’s not as hard as you’re telling yourself  it is…

I’ve created a Men’s only training club called the Bendigo Barbell Club so you can get the results you’re being waiting for.

You Know You Can’t Waste Any More Time. The Clock is Ticking


  • Are your ready to take back your life..
  • Are you ready to feel more confident with your shirt off
  • Are you ready to be surrounded by other guys just like you that are getting crazy results.
  • Are you ready for women to start checking you out again
  • Are you ready to live life and not feel as if it’s just passing you by.

 This is For People Who Are Finally Ready to Make a Change Once and For All and Take Action.


If this has pissed you off, Great. Maybe it’s because I’ve called you out on the bullshit story you’re telling yourself that you’re fine……

Being pissed off is when you change things…

That’s why motivation books are worthless because they make you feel good in your misery..

I’m here to wake you up and let you know you can do it, You can change your life…

The Past Doesn’t Have to Equal The Future

It’s time to get what you want….. All you have to do is just follow the plan… It is so freaking simple to get results it’s just that everyone makes it too complicated


Here’s the details.:

6 in 4 Weight Loss Challenge

Starts: Tuesday 24th October 2017

You may be wondering….

Is there a catch?

Why would I pay for your transformation if you get to your target?

The answer is- Because I’d rather use people’s results as my advertising than spend money with newspapers and TV. So it’s a win/win

Second of all, it’s how I attract other people to join the Bendigo Fitness Family.

Assuming the plan and being part of the gym makes you happy and you would like me to continue to help you achieve your goals. you’ll probably like to continue working together long term so I can help you get results.

And Look

If you don’t want to continue training after the challenge , don’t worry about it. You wouldn’t get any sales pitch or pressure form me of any kind ever!

There are no catches.. there is no pressure to join up after the program… If you want to keep training awesome.. If not that’s cool too.

Now Before You Think This Training Will Be Too Hard Keep This in Mind…

We set up your program to suit your level whether you’re a beginner and never stepped foot into a gym or a gym junkie. ( In fact I have people at the gym who range from 22 to 68)

You Train 3-4 or 5 Times a Week For Less Than the Cost of a One on One PT Session.


Every person who is part of the program receives customised training and nutrition. You have a trainer helping you every session. You’re not left alone to try and work it out yourself.


Monday           6:15pm

Tuesday           6:15pm

Wednesday     6:15pm

Thursday         6:15pm

Saturday          Between 7:00- 9:00am

**You can train all 5 sessions each week ***

We will show you how simple it really is…

If you’re not ready to take action, then please don’t apply. However I’m guessing if you’ve read this far then you’re ready

Click the Application Button below and we can make time to catch up for chat 



                          THE NEXT CHALLENGE STARTS:

                               >>>Tuesday 24th October 2017<<<



As a bonus I have added a facebook post from a friend of mine in the UK, Paul M…


Since I went from “FAT, bull-shitting (pretending I was happy)” Dad to Fit(ter) Radically Honest” Dad the benefits have been surprising to say the least:

My son tells everyone I’m strong because I exercise

More sex (fitter body= more sex. PERIOD)

Better sex (cuz you don’t pant like a dog just to get your pants off)

More Productivity (more power=more CAPACITY)

Better relationships with my wife, kids and friends (because I’m not exhausted all the time)

More mental clarity (because I’m not LYING to myself and everyone around me about being ‘okay’)

Not needing to SEDATE myself every weekend with booze, junk food and drugs (to escape reality for a few hours and pretend I’m in control)

Better Sleep (because being fat makes you snore )


Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day to read this and no matter what you end up doing I really wish you the best of success and i hope we get to meet in person soon. If you have any questions just shoot an email to

Thanks again,