The 7 Mistakes You’re Making That Destroys Your Fat Burning Hormones and Stops Your Body From Melting Fat”


It’s Time to Stop Hiding Behind Your Clothes

  People are always looking for the secret.

The magic super-food that’s meant to miraculously help you burn fat or a special exercise which will transform your body in an instant.

There also seems to be a new diet out everyday which promotes the reason you’re not getting results. The TRUTH is these secrets won’t do a thing…

Here’s 7 reasons that stop you from getting to your fat loss or transformation goals.

1. You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet.

So many people put all the work in and train hard but still eat crap and wonder why they’re not getting results… DON’T DO THIS!!!

I’ve said it plenty of times before. YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET If  you are consuming 3000 calories a day and only burning 2000 calories you’re not going to lose weight.

It doesn’t matter how hard you’re training, if your nutrition is not inline with your goals you won’t see results. So many people train and think because they’ve been training they can eat whatever they want and it’s a big reason you don’t see any changes.

So if you commit to training and commit to your nutrition you will see results. So stop thinking it doesn’t matter… IT DOES

2.Be Accountable

Spend a week and write down everything you eat and work out how many calories you’re eating. Most people are surprised of how much they eat and how many calories are in foods they eat consistently.

I find people have food amnesia and don’t realise how much junk they eat and how little quality food they consume. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so once you see where you’re going wrong and right you can change things to supercharge your results.

Plus this will start making you accountable People don’t like writing down what they eat because people they don’t want to know the truth. The Truth Will Set You Free But First It Will Piss You Off <<< Write that down


3.Spend Your Time Around Positive People.

You can’t expect to have a positive life surrounded by negative people. Amazing things happen when you let go of all the drama and things that cause friction in your life.

You see in life there are things which provide you with energy and makes you feel great and things which take energy away and makes you feel bad. I call the ones that take energy from you Energy Vampires and we all have them in our life.

When you’re feeling great and have less stress in your life you eat better and make healthier choices. When you have stress in your life it brings you down, not only a physical level but an emotional one as well.

At a physiological level when you are under stress you use a lot more glucose and it’s a reason you may crave sugary and salty foods. This can turn into a huge binge session which you obviously want to avoid Here’s a little exercise you can use.


4. Start Lifting Weights To Help Shape Your Body.

Ok, Lets start with debunking the myth that lifting weights will make you bulky. It won’t make you bulky but you know what will…. DONUTS!!!

Women just don’t have the muscle building hormones like men do. Most of the women you see in the health and fitness magazines lift weights because they know that muscle is what shapes your body.

The girls that look like men are on steroids!! For example if you don’t have a bum, losing weight is not going to make it appear all firm and give it shape.

In fact, if you go on a starvation diet you will eat away at your muscle and it will make it look even more flabby. Therefore you want to be doing resistance training to target that area to firm that sucker up. squat   If most people spent less time on the treadmill and more time lifting weights they would see amazing results. Women especially need to train with weights because there’s a few things which really eats away at your muscle….

Dieting, Long Cardio sessions and having babies….. You want to keep as much muscle as you can and BURN FAT not muscle.

You need to change your mindset from losing weight to burning fat. Since muscle is a lot more dense than fat you can weigh the same but look completely different.

Also a few areas you want to concentrate on are your legs, butt, back and chest. Focusing on these areas will help shape your body. .

5. Be Consistent

For at least 3 days of the week do some kind of resistance training even if it’s only 10 push-ups and 10 squats. Just take action and soon it will become part of your weekly habits

Now the reason you’re not getting results can be as simple as this…. You’re not turning up.. I see it all the time…. The people who get the best results are the ones that turn up consistently and do the work.

Yes they are busy too. Some have 3-4 kids and full time jobs, however they still turn up…. They know if they want results they have to do the work…not waste hours on Facebook…

They eat the right foods, turn up to training and if they step off the path at all they get straight back on it… So start turning up in all aspects of your life and watch it change.

For example if you want to find a partner you’re not going to find them sitting at home… you have to go out and meet people… Same as if you want to change your body you have to train and make great nutrition choices. So turn up and do the work or remain the same and continue to complain..  

6.Train More

Majority of people are so afraid of overtraining…. Decades ago the majority of society had hard labour jobs and lifted, dug, pushed and pull heavy things all day.

They never said.. oh we better not dig trenches,lift railway sleepers or cut down trees today as we might over train. We now have jobs where we sit on our butts all day so therefore you’re not burning energy.

You need to get your body moving.Unless you are working out for 8 hours a day, eating crap food, and getting no sleep you are not over training….

Look at professional athletes. They train for hours a day and never talk about over training. People ask me how many times should I train.

My response is always as many times as you can. People want to train once a week and get the same results of those people who are showing up 3-4 times a week.


7.Don’t buy it.

The best way for you to not eat any junk foods is not to buy it in the first place. If it’s not in your pantry or in your fridge you won’t be able to eat it. I know you may be asking but what about my kids.

Well if you have kids, you shouldn’t’ be feeding them junk food all the time…. and when you do buy it for them buy something you don’t like so you don’t eat it. Now the all you need to do is put these into action!!!

That’s the real secret…


There’s A Sneaky “Hidden Reason”

I Wrote This For You.

The first (and primary) reason was to show you how easy it can be to get results that last. If you follow these steps you can get results faster than you have before.

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