3 Ways to SCREW UP your Metabolism Part 2

The 2nd way to SCREW up your metabolism is by following a diet which promotes







Eat to get the Body you can’t beat

Don’t believe what you hear from the diet industry and go no carb or no sugar.

In fact you will find some of the people who were the voice of the no carb movement have now come out saying they were wrong….  

People are now looking at the science/ physiology and changing their thoughts which is great for everyone.

You have to dig deep and look at the physiology of a person because that’s where we are all different.

You want to do everything we can to build our metabolism, not hurt it by not working out correctly and starving yourself.

Because when you do this the wrong way you are losing muscle, therefore your Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories your body will burn at rest) drops.

You want to improve how many calories your metabolism burns not decrease it.

Remember this: Less muscle = Lower metabolism = Easy fat gain.

If we look at this at a physiological level.

Training with no carbs or sugar = elevated cortisol, decreases T3 (active thyroid), and increased estrogen (fat storing hormone) = Muscle breakdown + lower thyroid function = FAT gain and muscle loss.( Yep I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to health and performance)

If you have to remember one thing from this report. remember this….. before starting a popular quick fat loss plan ask yourself what is the long term hormonal damage of this diet plan

Another reason why YO YO dieting hurts you in the long run is because it impairs your glucose metabolism. Every time you diet, go on a no carb or no sugar diet you damage your bodies ability to handle sugar/glucose.

The people you hate that can eat whatever they like and not put on weight have great glucose metabolism.


Your body will always sacrifice long term health for short term survival and that’s what gets everyone dieting into trouble.

So, what can you do if you realise your workout is making you fat?

You hear it all the time… to lose fat you must must  go on one of the following diets depending on what’s popular at the time.

  • Low Carb/ No Carb
  • Low Fat/ No Fat
  • Low Calorie
  • No Meat
  • No sugar ( this is all the rage at the moment)
  • Intermittent Fasting( You will start to hear about this over the next 12-24 months)

Instead of decreasing energy into your body you should be teaching your body how to burn more energy which will lead to being able to eat more food and not gain weight but to lose it.. YIPEE…

Because when you start to restrict nutrients it causes so many problems…  as they say in the classics it won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

I must warn you, keeping away from sugar and carbs for a long period of time can suppress your thyroid and effect your metabolism and health in a negative way. This leads to major problems down the road.

What you need to do is look at nutrients and what your body does with the food you eat at the time you eat it. You need to give your body the right nutrients at the right time.

We all need to take a step back and stop focusing so much on what you are eating and look at how your body actually works.

A big problem with nutrition these days is you have people out there telling you that you can’t eat sugar,fat, fruit etc…

What we have to look at is firstly are we eating food or food like substances?

For example a lot of people get tricked into thinking if something is gluten free, sugar free, fat free it is healthy.  



That is not the case because you have to remember it is still processed food.These food like substances are what you need to avoid to obtain optimal health.

It is important to look at food and consider the effect of the food on our metabolism and what exercise and lifestyle stress we have

Look at health from the inside out not outside in.

Our body is a systems of systems in which they all work together and if you are very active and train a lot or if you just moderately exercise you need to take different approach.

There are no absolutes, everything is person specific.

Now let the controversy begin.

Our body works best on glucose ( sugars) because that’s how we operate at our optimal so if people say you should only eat meat and fat ( Low carbers) stop and take note.

Yes you can live on a low carb/low calorie diet however this is your emergency system and it releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and starts the downward spiral of your hormones.   ( In a bad way)

Remember you have to ask yourself what is the long term hormonal damage of this plan….

It also starts to breakdown your muscle, organs, tissues to use as energy. This is NOT what you want to keep your body going.. ( You are basically eating yourself)

When you don’t have glucose in your liver it’s start a cascade of hormonal problems. Below are a result of what happens:

  • You have cold hands and feet
  • You start to lose your hair
  • You start to become intolerant to a lot of foods even if you have never had a problem before.
  • You become endemic ( retain fluid)
  • You find it hard to sleep ( waking up at 4am each morning is common)
  • You have a decrease in sex drive ( This is especially true with men)
  • You are gaining weight even though you are training hard
  • You start getting allergies
  • You gain weight even though you are working out more and eating less
  • You increase estrogen
  • You get menstrual problems
  • You have fertility problems.
  • You become constipated
  • You suppress your immune system
  • Digestive problems
  • You urinate frequently


You may be experiences some of these symptoms or all of them which are an indicator of a low metabolism.




When you give your body the right foods at the right time including sugar!! YES the dreaded sugar you hear all about you start to give your body what it needs to feel great and look great.

When I am talking about sugar I am referring to ripe fruits, root vegetables, organic dairy, pulp free Orange Juice and some low starch above ground vegetables etc

I am not referring to processed cookies, crackers, grains, breads and lollies.

When we use the right sugars to fuel our cells they produce the most energy by using the least amount of our own bodies resources. When we use a less optimal fuel (like protein or fat) our body uses more resources to produce less energy.

This is what happens.

  • Build muscle
  • Boost metabolism
  • Raise thyroid output
  • Keep leptin levels in check
  • Improve the free testosterone to estrogen ratio
  • Burn more fat.
  • Improves digestion
  • Increase your sex drive.  woohoo!!!
  • Improve improve and reverse intolerances
  • Improve your sleep
  • Lower stress

You may  have been told by people that when they went on a low carb or a no sugar diet they felt great.

They may have told you they had a reduction in inflammation and felt they had more energy and their intolerances disappeared.


Here is what may have happened in a nutshell from a physiological point of view.

Their body started SURVIVING NOT THRIVING on cortisol and adrenaline…. So that means their body starting producing these hormones to provide energy.

If you didn’t you would die.

Plus cortisol can be confusing as cortisol’s anti-inflammatory properties can promote euphoria and a temporary sense of well being.

However what happens is this masks your problems and what you don’t see is the damage you are doing at a cellular level of your metabolism.

An example I use is that it’s like when women put on spanxs ( body shaping clothes). It looks great for the outside until you take them off and everything falls out and you’re exposed to the truth…. ha ha

A chronically stressed body prioritizes surviving over thriving. Stored fat and tissues represent infinite sources of energy. The body knows this. So, it lowers metabolism in order to halt the rate at which it consumes itself.

This results in you starting to see all the problems listed above appear and to put a nail in the coffin you have damaged your metabolism so you are now worse then when you started…


Glucose( sugar) increase progesterone and converts T4-T3 which increases your thyroid as well. Which boosts your metabolism…. WOOHOOO

(Remember when I am talking about sugar I am referring to ripe fruits, root vegetables, organic dairy, pulp free Orange Juice and some low starch above ground vegetables etc )

When you are on a no carb/no sugar diet and you haven’t got glucose in the liver, cortisol breaks down muscles as well as the thymus gland into amino acids to be converted in the liver and therefore suppressing your immune system.

Plus when you go on a low carb or no sugar diet your low blood sugar levels increase adrenaline which increase cortisol which decreases intestinal blood supply and starts a cascade of other hormonal problems.

One of these problems is numerous food intolerances especially lactose intolerance.


People are on the hate sugar/carbs bandwagon will never tell you that sugar/carbs increases the metabolic rate. However due to the increased demand of other nutrients you have to be careful.

Please remember that sugar is good because it pushes the metabolic rate in the right direction, however you run into problems when you start pounding down the sugar by itself. This is where most people come unstuck.

Listen up.

I’m not telling you to go crazy and eat carbs willy nilly!! ( Can’t believe I just said willy nilly) you have to do it the right way which is easy to learn so you don’t have problem with a damaged metabolism.

As I said earlier there are no absolutes you have to see where the source of sugar/carbs are coming from first and if your cells are working properly.

Sugar/carbs are not bad, it can actually help you and and remember when i’m talking sugar i mean fruits, root vegetables, sucrose etc. Not from processed foods and lollies etc

When you cut out sugar/carbs you lose weight not because of the sugar/carbs but because you drastically cut your calories down to dangerous levels and then the problems really start.

The problems won’t happen overnight but they will happen. ( I learnt this the hard way so don’t make the same mistakes I did)

When our body starts using free fatty acids for energy( This is what happens on a low carb/No sugar diet) it stops glucose going into the cell which is a problem.  

What happens as a result is our sugar tanks becomes smaller and then you cannot burn sugar efficiently anymore.

This leads you to become insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance people don’t have the luxury of burning glucose for fuel at the same rate of those that are insulin sensitive. So we want to avoid this like the plague.

Don’t be fooled by the cut out your sugar/carbs bullsh&t….

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